[Vignette] Trap

Randomly just share my kyuyoung vignette x3x3x3 Knights, let’s check this out!

Kyuyoung Shipper Indo



PG 16 |Hurt, Romance

 Fearimaway a.k.a KyuyoungCHILD

Cho Kyuhyun, Choi Sooyoung

2986 words

Plot and Poster originally by me

Recomended: Listening to Trap -Henry Lau and As the World Is Burning -The Cataracs.

“…Karena aku dalam sudut hatimu. Aku ingin menyentuhmu tapi aku dalam kegelapan hitam ini.
Aku terus menetap di tempat yang sama, di tempat itu…”Trap – Henry Lau


Actually, this isn’t songfict enough. How can i tell?.. Just read!~ :3:3

Amsterdam, North Holland, March 2012.


Selalu begini.

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