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13 thoughts on “Request Here

  1. Annyeonghasaeyo, My name is Innes
    I’m a friend of Bella πŸ™‚
    Kyuyoung fan πŸ™‚
    I was thinking if your not too busy, you can make a photo of Kyuhyun and Sooyoung for me?
    It’s for my fanfiction^^
    I’ve seen the picture you made for Bella, it’s soo good and realistic ^^

    Thank you xx

  2. annyeong eon *i believe u’re older than me haha* bisa request poster buat fanfic oneshot ku? Castnya luhan sama lee yeonju (mikki, ulzzang korea)

    Author: hannajung
    Title: Last Time
    Cast: Xi Luhan & Lee Yeonju
    Genre: Romance
    Quote: This is the last time i’m asking you this.

    Additional Picture:

    Mood Poster: Semi Gloomy / Semi Soft (up to you eon, gimana cocoknya ._.)

    Kalo misalnya eonnie lagi sibuk, gapapa hehe, soalnya ini ga terlalu mendesak. makasih πŸ™‚

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