Untill this time, The One and Only My Favorite One True Pairing,

Cho Kyuhyun – Choi Sooyoung


Evil Couple

We, the valiant Knights of the KyuYoung Kingdom,
 pledge loyalty to the Evil Prince &Princess;
 to protect the citadel of their sworn love on each other;
 to stand guard and defend against intruders;
 and to wholeheartedly offer our honor in keeping the KyuYoung flame burning.
 Till death do them and us part. {Knights Vow♥}

SNSD’s shikshin Choi Sooyoung and Super Junior’s magnae Cho Kyuhyun.

Had stolen my whole attention with their evil side that they have since January, 2012.

Although there is a cute magnae couple SeoKyu, or the Noona – Oppa couple KyuToria,

Although there is a shikshin couple ChangSoo, or the Oppa – Dongsaeng couple SooWon,

or the others pairing of them.

Untill the day i wrote this page, Sooyoung is the only one male artist that received the three words which had a deep meaning, I love you from our evil magnae. In front of public.

I don’t care if that’s just a joke or nonsense . Do not care.

Although later Sooyoung and Kyuhyun will have they own marriage and have a family with each other couple, i still love them, really.

For the regards of the evilness that they have,




10 thoughts on “My OTP

  1. Kayaknya fansnya Soo Young kebanyakan kalo nggak suka KyuYoung ya KaiSoo deh. #plak


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